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I’m a reactive photographer rather than a proactive one.

I’m making my best work when I can come into a session and let people, both big and little, be who they are.

Let me take the pressure of posing and posturing from you, so that I may glimpse and photograph the “real stuff”. I’m not asking you to hire me to make a pretty picture for Facebook or a perfect Christmas card that captures the Delaware Fall colors. I’m asking you to let me into your most intimate moments so that we might make something far more compelling together.

Let’s hang out and let things unfold organically. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s sit together in a moment of awkward silence until something extraordinary happens. Let’s connect.

So please—forget the matching outfits and headbands. Dare to leave your bed unmade (or at least leave the throw pillows in the corner). Leave your baby in a white onesie and wear your most comfortable t-shirt. If not coordinating outfits makes you sweat, have the extra glass of wine and trust me.

It’s the connections, the goofy grins and those dirty little feet that are just gracing the earth that make the perfect picture—not the perfect, matching shade of blue.

I want you to see LIFE in all its glorious messiness in the images we make. I want you to be proud of it all. Life is a miracle. And one that is always dynamic.

Let’s capture the beauty and magic of these fleeting moments together.


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