Observations through glass

I love to capture moments. I love to feel as though, I’m a fly on a wall looking at passers by, going on with their day to day life while I capture their moments through my lens. Sometimes, I am that fly on the wall… but as with any fly, you can’t help but notice the fly. Is it just a natural reaction for people when someone lifts up a camera, to shoot your lazer eyeballs right at me? I’m trying to capture your moment!

As a realize that I’ve lost that second, that moment, that emotion that I was looking from you, I try to recap in my head what went wrong.

  • Did I move too fast?
  • Did I move too slow?
  • Did I not wear enough black?
  • Was it because I didn’t eat enough?
  • Did I eat too much?
  • Is my lens too big?
  • I thought bigger was better!

Sometimes, I’m able to capture what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I get lucky.

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