My trip to LA

LA! Wow, I really can’t say enough about the West Coast! I’ll never pass up the opportunity to travel when given the chance, and those chances are becoming too far in between. My travel companion to LA was my co-worker, Bryan. We haven’t made this trip in over two years, so we were well overdue as well as very excited to be able to get out of the office for the week.  Our first experience traveling to LA together was complete nightmare with travel delays, sleeping in hotel lobbies, and getting lost in the ghetto. Bryan and I were so thankful to be able to fly out to LA with zero interference.  Although, the old lady that sat next to me on the flight out there didn’t appreciate my snoring all that much.

As Kate would say, “Sorry about your luck!”

On our travels, we visited LA, Venice, and Malibu.  I was also able to watch a photo shoot in progress!

Anyone want to head back with me?  Next time… let’s hit the wineries!


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