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Observations through glass

I love to capture moments. I love to feel as though, I’m a fly on a wall looking at passers by, going on with their day to day life while I capture their moments through my lens. Sometimes, I am that fly on the wall… but as with any fly, you can’t help but notice the fly. Is it just a natural reaction for people when someone lifts up a camera, to shoot your lazer eyeballs right at me? I’m trying to capture your moment!

As a realize that I’ve lost that second, that moment, that emotion that I was looking from you, I try to recap in my head what went wrong.

  • Did I move too fast?
  • Did I move too slow?
  • Did I not wear enough black?
  • Was it because I didn’t eat enough?
  • Did I eat too much?
  • Is my lens too big?
  • I thought bigger was better!

Sometimes, I’m able to capture what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I get lucky.



My little Benzilla! He’s starting to turn into a little man, even at age four! He’s grown up with my camera pointed at him since he was a little baby and I can’t count how many photos of him I have thus far, I think this is the best picture if have of him to date. It was a short weekend with him, since I had a golf tournament on Sunday, but I’ll be seeing him again next weekend, at dah beach! YEAH!


My home

I’m a new resident to Wilmington, DE and for the first time in a very long time, I feel as though I’m home. Although, a piece of my heart is in another state, I’m very happy with where I am and with whom I’m with. Kate has made my transition to living in DE effortless and quiet enjoyable. We’ve had a few great memories so far and with many more to come, I’m very excited for the journey ahead of us as we grow together and further explore what this wonderful little city has to offer us. From our own zoo (and no I’m not talking about our house), to being able to walk to the bars, Wilmington, DE is our new home.

In an effort to document us living here, I’ve been taking some little snap shots when I remember to take my camera with us. Here is just a little snippet of Wilmington. I’ll be updating this through our journey together… Enjoy.


Boxing at the Bob

For the first time ever, boxing will be held at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, DE. “The New” Ray Robinson’s scores a knock down against Professional Ghana boxer, Raymond “Emperor” Narh. Robinson won the bout and is now the new USBA Welterweight Champion and now has a Top 10 world ranking in the IBF.

First knock down

Spivey lost his belt against Narh’s fellow Ghana countryman, Samuel Kotey Neequaye. Spivey was ranked #9 in the world.