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Jenn’s Maternity Shoot

So, I was asked by Jessica if I would shoot Jenn’s maternity photos. To be honest, I was a little hesitant… I don’t normally shoot maternity, but, the day turned out to be great! Jenn was tons of fun and we just had a great time walking around the park. We did the shoot at Allaire State Park in NJ. I’ve done a few shoots here before, so I knew the area and where to navigate to get the shots I wanted. Here’s some photos from Jenn’s photo shoot!


Ward’s Fine Wines

Wards Winery celebrated 81 YEARS IN BUSINESS! They invited us to join them for an exclusive tasting of wines from selected regions of the world. Oscar and his family are great hosts and we always enjoy going there to purchase our wines and talk shop with this knowledgeable shop owner. If you ever are in the area and are looking for a place to purchase your wine, go visit Wards Fine Wines!

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Observations through glass

I love to capture moments. I love to feel as though, I’m a fly on a wall looking at passers by, going on with their day to day life while I capture their moments through my lens. Sometimes, I am that fly on the wall… but as with any fly, you can’t help but notice the fly. Is it just a natural reaction for people when someone lifts up a camera, to shoot your lazer eyeballs right at me? I’m trying to capture your moment!

As a realize that I’ve lost that second, that moment, that emotion that I was looking from you, I try to recap in my head what went wrong.

  • Did I move too fast?
  • Did I move too slow?
  • Did I not wear enough black?
  • Was it because I didn’t eat enough?
  • Did I eat too much?
  • Is my lens too big?
  • I thought bigger was better!

Sometimes, I’m able to capture what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I get lucky.