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Friday night

So, it’s Friday night and I’m spending it at heathers condo. I made some pf Chang chicken lettuce wraps for dinner. They didn’t turn out half bad, if I do say so my self. Anyway, I dont want to make this a long post but I figured I’d force myself to keep up with this blog even though I’m a little tired. Ive been looking at the work of Käthe Kollwitz. Check her out, she’s pretty awesome! Now, I’m gonna go catch up on some “game of throwns”. Nighty night!


we’ve got a winner

Sometimes you’re able to catch a moment that explains so many things. I’ve shot a few flower tosses but this one has been the best so far. A few frames back, the blonde with flying pearls is no where to be found. All of a sudden, BAM she’s in the shot and totally intercepting the flowers from a shocked flower catcher who initially thought she had the flowers in her hands.


my discovery of flash

Just recently, I’ve been working some flash into my photography.  Normally I just sit back and let the Sun be my source of any available light.  I bend, manipulate, stretch, and just about any other adjective you can use on my source of light.

So, with this new found source of light, I started experimenting on the only subject that will sit in front of my lens.  My son.  He’s such a trooper.  So, with an on camera flash and a SB-600 to camera left, I got this result.

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My journey into the strobist world begins here!


Clairta - every time i come here i am not disappointed. nice post.