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birthday fun






Ok, so my blog posting “everyday” isn’t going so well!! I really have to work on this. Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple pictures that I took from Ava and Skyler’s birthday this weekend. I was treated to an “American Girl” dinner in Tyson’s Corner. So much pink!



I’m finally home with Ben!!! It’s been a long two weeks since I’ve seen him (this seems to be getting longer and longer between visits). I ended up picking Ben up at 530, from there went to get my hair did by Emma, a long over due process since moving, and now we’re home!

I have to finish editing Heather and Ann’s photos from the wedding!!! Anyone have a bottle of red wine they can recommend me? La creama is gone and I think I’m in the mood for something a bit different.

Well… I’m off. Going to go cuddle with Ben and then to bed. Tomorrow Heather and I are taking the girls to the American Girl store for Ava’s birthday. As well… I’m just thrilled about being around all this girl stuff tomorrow, it should end up being a good time.



the vandiver inn – md wedding photographer – heather and ann

The thing I love about editing photos is making the slideshow. I love mixing and matching photos to make sure it fits the music just right. This was my first venue here in Maryland since moving from New Jersey and I have to say, the The Vandiver staff was A-MA-ZING. The whole night was just great! Congrats Heather and Ann, again, thank you!


ALMA - Creative and Fun…lovely wedding set.

Kyle - Looks like such a fun reception! And lots of attitude in these photos!

Sachin Khona - Loving the brides dress and her ink .. awesome!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Great coverage!

Mary Sylvia - I really like #7099, so cute!

Paul Fuller - Really nice work, you did a great job I love your blog lay out as well

Edward Maurer - Now that looks like a fun wedding. Great story telling here.

Derek - Gorgeous wedding, really like 6486!

heather and ann’s wedding

Wow! What a night. This was one of the most fun weddings I’ve worked in a very long time. Being friends with the couple did help a little bit, but it had everything to do with everyone being awesome! Here’s a little teaser for you folks. I should have the slideshow done by the end of the day. As usual, I have quite a few photos to go through.









Hi all!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a very long time, but I’m in the middle of moving in with Heather and… well things have been a little crazy and I haven’t really had much time for anything. I’m shooting Ann and Heather’s wedding on the 3rd of March, so STAY TUNED!