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being layed out!

Ugh!  Well, the past two weeks have been miserable!  I had the flu for the first week, then Heather decided to give me laryngitis for the second week.  I was finally able to make it back to the gym on Tuesday and wow… I’ve never felt so drained in my life.  The workout is rigorous enough, but to add the bug into it made me feel as though I was slowing sinking in quick sand.

I’ll be going out of town next week on bidness.  I hope I have enough time to get out and take some very nice photos of where I’ll be.  I’ll post a sneak peak of the city skyline to see how good you all are at geography!

On a side note.  The family got together last weekend to go see Ringling Brother’s Circus… the best show on Earth…. maybe.


birthday fun






Ok, so my blog posting “everyday” isn’t going so well!! I really have to work on this. Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple pictures that I took from Ava and Skyler’s birthday this weekend. I was treated to an “American Girl” dinner in Tyson’s Corner. So much pink!



I’m finally home with Ben!!! It’s been a long two weeks since I’ve seen him (this seems to be getting longer and longer between visits). I ended up picking Ben up at 530, from there went to get my hair did by Emma, a long over due process since moving, and now we’re home!

I have to finish editing Heather and Ann’s photos from the wedding!!! Anyone have a bottle of red wine they can recommend me? La creama is gone and I think I’m in the mood for something a bit different.

Well… I’m off. Going to go cuddle with Ben and then to bed. Tomorrow Heather and I are taking the girls to the American Girl store for Ava’s birthday. As well… I’m just thrilled about being around all this girl stuff tomorrow, it should end up being a good time.