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eagle ridge golf club – md wedding photographer – Susan and Ivan









































megan noonan - Wonderful moments you captured!

John Bello - The fourth from the last, the lighting is awesome and the shot is super moody! Loving the dress shot as well!

Bec - these are beautiful!! love the lighting. 4th one from bottom is dreamy!

shipra - lovely wedding and first looks get me every time, this was no exception.

Max - The hand holding pic at the end is so meaningful, I love it.

Veronica Varos - These are beautiful. And that first look is touching! 🙂

Natalie Gibbs - I love the shot of the girl sitting alone, looking at her bouquet. It really creates a mood.

JESSIE - I love how you captured the happiness and love the groom has for his bride! Beautiful wedding.

Anton Chia - Love the BW shot of the bride with flowers!

Paul Nguyen - Great photos! Great use of tones and colours!

Derek Martinez - Gorgeous work! You captured and told their wedding day beautifully!



Pretty stoked about this weekend.  I get to shoot again with Sissy!  We haven’t shot together for a little over a year now.  Having two shooters really allows you to have a little bit less stress (somewhat) while shooting the wedding.  The only thing is that I haven’t shot with the couple yet so, let’s see how far we can go!




being layed out!

Ugh!  Well, the past two weeks have been miserable!  I had the flu for the first week, then Heather decided to give me laryngitis for the second week.  I was finally able to make it back to the gym on Tuesday and wow… I’ve never felt so drained in my life.  The workout is rigorous enough, but to add the bug into it made me feel as though I was slowing sinking in quick sand.

I’ll be going out of town next week on bidness.  I hope I have enough time to get out and take some very nice photos of where I’ll be.  I’ll post a sneak peak of the city skyline to see how good you all are at geography!

On a side note.  The family got together last weekend to go see Ringling Brother’s Circus… the best show on Earth…. maybe.