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Ben’s Third Birthday!

I know everyone says this, so yes.. I’m going to say it too… I can’t believe my son is three!!! Where did the time go? I remember just like it was last winter, being snowed in and having Jess come pick him up because I didn’t have power! Pretty sure that doesn’t mean anything to any of you… ha! He’s grown so much. Or has he?


what a month

This month has been draining. With all the personal things that have been going on in my life, the weddings, the driving, the training.. I’m ready for this month to be over!

So… week long stay in Rockville, MD for training. From here I drive home for the night… get my gear ready for the wedding, wake up and drive to Woodbridge to shoot Daren’s wedding! Thankfully, I’m splitting the hotel with Rick so I won’t be driving anywhere that night. Sunday, back home to edit photos.

I keep reassuring myself that, “May will be over soon.”

Did I mention my son’s 3rd birthday is at the end of this month? Along with his cousin’s (they were born one day apart from eachother)? Oh yeah, and heather’s nephew.. phew!