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OBX 2013

Vacations, they are what we work for and what we look forward to all year, especially in the North. Now, I normally don’t take extended vacations, so this get away was made extra special. I was able to vacation with Kate and her family in the Outer Banks, NC. Or, as the locals call it, “OBX”. We drove down very early saturday morning and arrived in the OBX around noon and had lunch at Chilli-Peppers where we all met up. After Kate’s and my belly busting lunch, she took me to see Jockey’s Ridge State Park (I would credit the photographer if I had any information on it, but I just linked the NC State park website). We were able to see some people taking hang-glider lessons and tried to climb one of the many tall dunes that are in Jockey’s Ridge. A fun fact about the Ridge, because the Ridge is always changing, it is often referred to as “The Living Dune.” Sadly, the sand was way too hot to climb since we were in our sandals. I was constantly reminded about the dunes as I developed a nice little tank top tan from wearing my shirt out there. Milky white body and lobster red shoulders and neck make for a good look!Laura Gibson – Small Town Parade

After the dunes, which after walking felt like I was in the Sahara Desert, Kate and I headed to Kitty Hawk Kites to pick up a proper kite for my Dad.

Sun, summer, beach, family, food, surf and sand. Just what my soul needed for a little recharge!

Now, I’m going to be changing up my posts a little bit and going to test out how this formatting works. If you feel as though I should go back to my old posting style using bigger photos instead of a Lightbox setup in this post, the feed back would be greatly appreciated!


small - I love OBX! Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip!

Julianne - awesome! looks like you guys had a blast 🙂

OBX and some

Well! I can’t wait for this week to be over. On Saturday, Kate and I will be driving down to OBX to spend a week in the son, on the sand and in the water! I have a couple things lined up that I’m excited for but can’t reveal just yet what they are as I haven’t finalized everything. Please stayed tuned as I’ll be updating the blog with photos from our trip from the OBX and my birthday where I’ll be setting up a photo booth! WOOO WHOOO!


Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery

Hey all! It think it’s a good time to open up a bottle of delicious red wine and join in the fun! I bought a couple tickets from Living Social for a wine tasting and wine tour at Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery So, as I’ve mention in my previous post, we’ve been getting a lot of rain recently and that day wasn’t any different. Although the drive was dry, when we arrived at the winery, the sky seemed to open as if the clouds were filled with water and someone just opened up the cloud and poured all the water onto the area. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the wind! I swear, I thought Hurricane Sandy was back!

Anyway, I digress. I didn’t know that we had to schedule the wine tour for the event, so we just attended the tasting portion of the event. We were greeted by a very friendly staff of employees and copious amount of wine.

Some of the wines on the menu were the, “Classico, Rustica, Give Peach a Chance, Sole (one of their signatures), Battleship red, and Kind of Blue (a blueberry desert wine). Although I wasn’t able to take many photos, I was able to manage to snap off a couple photos. And by a couple, I literally mean two! HAHA

If you manage to visit the area, please give them a visit. They have great food, live bands and great wine.



It’s always a great time when Ben comes up. Our latest adventure was a walk through the rain and to the Monkey Exhibit at the Wilmington, DE zoo. We’ve had a lot of rain recently in the area and this has caused trees to fall near by. One of these trees fell onto the monkey exhibit at the zoo!!! Poor little guys! I didn’t have my phone or anything on me since I was running around in the rain, but you can see the photos from the website. I did, however, take some photos of Ben after the walk as well as throughout his visit.